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Walking Talking Therapy

Do you find being outdoors in nature helps you relax?  Many people find being outside helps them gather their thoughts, adds a sense of peace and serenity and enables them to think more clearly.  If this sounds like you, you may benefit from Walking Talking Therapy - where we hold your therapy session whilst taking a gentle walk in nature.


There are many peaceful locations for a walk near my premises with beautiful woodland and meadows just minutes away.  


Make the most of the fairer weather in the Spring and Summer months, or wrap up well for a brisk Autumnal walk later in the year.  Please do bring a bottle of water in the warmer weather or a hot drink during the cooler months.  You may also wish to bring an umbrella or waterproofs to allow for our changeable British weather and some trainers, walking boots or wellies that you don't mind getting a little muddy.

I've always been a huge fan of dogs so please do bring any well-behaved four-legged friends along too.


Walking Talking Therapy is especially beneficial if you have a busy schedule as it allows you to receive therapy whilst exercising or walking your dog.


Walking Talking Therapy also allows us to hold a face-to-face session in a COVID-19 secure way, with several clients having benefited from holding sessions via this method.


Why not combine the benefits of gentle exercise, fresh air and natural light with your counselling session?  Investing in your physical and mental health all at once!

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