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Paying via health insurance

Did you know that health insurance policies can be used to fund counselling?


Many people have access to a health insurance policy either via their employer or one they have arranged independently but think it can only be used to assist with physical health problems.


I have experience of working with a number of health insurance companies to provide counselling services and utilising your policy to fund treatment means you can focus on your counselling sessions without worrying about the cost.


If you think you may benefit from counselling and have a health insurance policy either via your employer or arranged independently, giver your insurance company a call with your policy details and ask if your policy includes funding of counselling and what you may need to do in order for them to activate a claim.


Many insurers also require policyholders to pay an excess, usually around £100 so please do bear this in mind when thinking of how you will pay for treatment.  If you have a policy excess, this means that the first few sessions will need to be paid directly to me by yourself up to the excess amount, with further sessions covered by your insurer.  If you are experiencing financial hardship and are worried about being able to make your excess payment, please do let me know at the start of treatment as hardship discounts and/or payment plans can be arranged where appropriate, allowing you to spread your excess payment out into amounts and intervals that are manageable for you.  Please note that unless a payment plan has been agreed, we can only have two sessions together until your first contribution towards your excess payment is made.  Payment can be made via credit card if needed, so if you wish to use this method, please let me know when we book your first few sessions.

I am currently an approved counselling provider with the following health insurers:


  • Aetna Global

  • Aviva

  • Axa PPP

  • Bupa

  • Vitality Health

  • WPA


Occasionally, a client may wish to have their treatment funded by an insurer I am not currently a provider for. This is not usually a problem as I simply apply to become a provider and if my application is approved, we can commence your counselling sessions. If you are insured by a company not listed above and wish to receive counselling funded by your insurer, please do get in touch and we can work together to try and make it possible.


Health insurance companies often have certain criteria for becoming a provider, so even if you don’t have a health insurance policy or they are unable to fund your treatment, my approved provider status with various insurers will hopefully provide an extra level of assurance on my qualifications, accreditations and experience.

If you have a Bupa, Axa or Aviva policy and want to utilise it to fund your treatment, full details of all the information I need from you can be found here: 

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