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My Approach

I practise using an integrative approach, which is much like having a tool box with various methods and techniques that we choose from during your therapy. 

  • Person Centered - developed by Carl Rogers and based on his belief in the remarkable capacity for self-healing and personal growth.

  • Psychodynamic - this theory helps you understand past conflicts and become more self-aware. It evolved from the methods of Sigmund Freud.

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) - this can help you manage problems by changing the negative way you think and behave, developing strategies to cope with difficulties.

  • Solution Focussed - This goal directed collaborative approach focuses on what your want to achieve and helps you define goals for moving forward.

  • Existential - this method explores your values, assumptions and ideals.

  • Creative Therapy - using non-verbal methods to express yourself such as shells, stones, sand trays, diagrams, flowcharts and life timelines.

Your therapy may include several of these techniques depending on your presenting issues.

Counselling usually starts with once or twice weekly sessions as required by the client and reduces to fortnightly then monthly as progress is being made if so desired.

Thereafter three monthly check-ins are also an option, or as and when new challenges arrive.

Dates and times are flexible to meet client's shift-work and family commitments where possible. 

Sessions can be delivered face-to-face or via telephone, video calling or email.  You can even have a face-to-face, COVID secure session via Walking Talking Therapy

Training and Qualifications

2001/2003       Diploma in Client- Centred Therapy.

2001/2003       ABC Diploma in Counselling.

2001                ABC Certificate in Counselling Skills

2006                Diploma in Supervision Casework.

2006                Certificate in Group Work

2006                Certificate in Counselling Trainee Counsellors

2009                BACP Accreditation

2011                Personality Disorder – Understanding and Training

2012                Mindfulness Training

2013                Bereavement Training

2015/16           Certificate in Couples Counselling

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